A lecture with Mikael Lindnord


Mikael has for many years helped elite athletes to challenge themselves by becoming members of national teams as well as achieving championship medals, et cetera. For several years he has
developed a winning formula that has helped many people in different businesses reaching their next level. His method works for every dream or goal.

Mikael is a rainmaker for people with extra ordenary goals

About the lecture "WINNING MINDSET"

During a lecture with Mikael, you will learn all about goal setting, motivation, leadership, sponsorship, and how to get the right attitude.

You will be enriched with valuable insights and tips on how to get an optimistic outlook and achieve your goals in business as well as in sports.

You will also get the opportunity to hear about the fabulous story of the random meeting between the stray dog Arthur and Mikael during a competition in the Andean mountains. Find out what has happened to their friendship ever since that day!


Mikael is a diligent inspirational speaker, guiding and inspiring both business leaders and athletes to
take the next step and become a better version of themselves. You will get valuable tips and insights
on how to push past your limits and reach a capacity that you did not even know existed.

The adventure racer

For almost 20 years, we have been able to follow this incredible man from Örnsköldsvik and his adventure feats around the world.He has raced ten Adventure Racing World Championship and he was also organizer of the Adventure Racing World Championship in 2006.

The street dog Arthur

During a lunch break in an Andean village, in the middle of a competition, the stray dog Arthur appears. Mikael offers him a meatball and the dog is immediately a new part of the team. The rest is history. Two documentaries have been made about this sweet meeting and many articles have been written. There will also be an upcoming Hollywood film about the two friends.


The stray dog Arthur and Mikael met for the first time during a competition in the Andean mountains. Mikael gave the poor dog a meatball and since that moment Arthur followed the team all the way in over the finish line, and over mountains and deep valleys. Arthur then accompanied Mikael back home to Sweden where he lived with his family till his death December 8, 2020.


Mikael Lindnord was active as an adventure racer for 20 years. He made his competition debut in 1997 in the Åre Extreme Challenge. Adventure racing is an experience-oriented endurance sport that consists of several disciplines. The most common are mountain biking, orientation, kayaking, inline skating, and various types of climbing.

The meeting with Team Peak Performance

Taking part in several days of running, cycling, and rafting at an altitude of 4,500 meters was no
problem for the stray dog Arthur, who joined the Swedish multisport team. When the Swedes Mikael
Lindnord, Simon Niemi, Staffan Björklund, and Karen Lundgren competed in Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador, they made unexpected recruitment, to say the least. Arthur the dog bumped into the team in an Andean mountain village, and since then he and Michael were together, side by side, until Arthur death December 8, 2020.

Mikael Lindnord

Mikael was part of the Swedish Adventure Racing team ”Peak Performance” for
many years. He traveled the world competing in Adventure Racing with running, cycling,
paddling, mountaineering, rafting under challenging circumstances.

Mikael "adventure racer" Lindnord

Mikael Lindnord is the multi-talented multi-athlete who recently made the decision to retire after being active for over 20 years. During his active years, he managed to gather experiences and insights that are difficult to outdo. He has pushed his limits both physically and mentally. This has given him a deep understanding of how to obtain a winning mindset using your strongest muscle – the brain.
Everything happens in your head and with the right attitude, you can push yourself several miles forward, even though it feels like the body is going to give up. This golden rule applies not only in sports but in everyday life as well. Reaching this stage is possible for everyone and this is precisely what Mikael talks about during his lectures: how to become the best version of yourself. Make sure to listen to every detail as you get the right tools that might both change you and your entire life.

He inspires people to do the greatest things, always leading the way. With Mike, you want to work hard every single day!

Niklas Berggren

Restaurang Allstar, Örnsköldsvik

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