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The former multi-athlete Mikael has many talents, however today he refers to himself as an athlete, author, producer, entrepreneur, and inspirer. He gives lectures on how one can gain a winning attitude and attain one's goals.

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Mikael "Multimike" Lindnord

The days as a multi-athlete are now over and today Mikael lives in Örnsköldsvik with his wife Helena, their children Thor and Philippa. The street dog Arthur that he got to know during the World Cup the competition in Ecuador was with Mikael and the family until his death 8 dec 2020.

During his 20 active years, Mikael participated in 10 World Championships as a contestant and in an additional one as an organizer. He debuted within the field of multisport at the Åre Extreme Challenge in 1997.

For the uninitiated, multisport can be explained as an experience-oriented sport. A multisport contest consists of several parts, which may vary. The most common ones are mountain biking, orientation, paddling, inlines, and different forms of climbing challenges.

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Mikael refers to himself as an athlete, author, producer, entrepreneur, and inspirer. These days, he lectures on how to gain a winning attitude and how to reach one's goals. During the lectures, one can learn about ways to think and perform to reach one's goals, both as an entrepreneur and as an athlete. Get invaluable insights and tips on topics such as attaining goals, motivation, leadership, sponsorship thinking, and the right attitude. In his lectures, you will also learn about the gripping story of Mikael's first encounter with the street dog Arthur, what happened then, and what has happened since.

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This is how you should think

To Mikael, the same mindset applies regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or an entrepreneur. Thanks to his background in both industries, he can provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. Mikael's advice is suitable for both long-term and short-term goals, regardless of whether you are an athlete or a business leader.

Mikael and Arthur

After 4.5 days of adamant competition, during a lunch break in a village in the Andes during a World Cup, a dirty and thin dog suddenly appears. At first, Mikael is frightened by the flea-bitten dog, but quickly feels sorry for him and gives him a meatball. The dog decides to join the Swedish multisport team for the rest of the competition. When the championship finished and Arthur followed the team across the finish line, Mikael decided to take Arthur with him back to Sweden. This did not turn out to be too simple. In fact, it proved to require hard work and completely different challenges than those Mikael and his team encountered during the competition. In the end, all the paperwork was completed and Arthur was able to accompany Mikael home to Sweden where he lived with his family in Örnsköldsvik until his death December 8, 2020.

The success story becomes a Hollywood movie

 Arthur has been seen in worldwide media. For instance, there have been thousands of articles written about the success story. Two Emmy nominated documentaries have also been made. Two bestselling books; Arthur – the dog who left the jungle to find a home
and Arthur & Friends have been written about the meeting between the street dog Arthur and the multi-athlete Mikael.

Today, Mikael is also the executive producer of the Hollywood movie, based on the true story, Arthur the King. Mark Wahlberg will star Mikael Lindnord as a head actor.

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